With our experienced team and tooling we can handle anything from a small dent repair to a full bare shell restoration on your classic car. Everything is in-house to ensure control and quality of the entire process from when you car entered the bodyshop to the final polish downs and quality control inspections. 

Welding and fabrication.

Sills, rear lower quarters and wing bottoms are the most common rust areas for a Porsche 944 or indeed any transaxle Porsche. For us this is no problem as we are replacing these panels on a weekly bases and have been for many many years. We only use the finest materials in our work to ensure the best quality, long lasting repairs for your pride and joy. We have also use the latest in tooling for out work including state of the art plasma cutters and fabrication equipment. Contact us for more details but for now here are some pictures for you.

Paint Shop.

We believe that the finished look of your car is important to you and us. That’s why we don’t outsource the painting so that we can control the process.

We operate a state of the art paint booth – brand new in 2019. We use the best spray guns and only use the best materials for the job. All of our paint work goes through rigorous preparation and finishing processes to ensure we always get the paint finish we want and more importantly, the finish your car deserves. 
So in you need anything from a scratch being repaired all the way to a full glass out repaint then you can rest assured that we will provide you with the quality you are looking for.

Accident/Insurance work.

We are passionate about keeping as many 944β€˜s as possible on the road. So if yours has had a bump and your insurance company is going to write it off, we can help. We work with insurance companies to keep as many 944s alive and kicking.  Below are some pictures of the work we have carried out on such vehicles:-