We have a great client base who come back time and time again to ensure their Porsche is well looked after and kept in tip top condition, here are a few of the lovely things they have to say about their experiences with is.

Car ran great on the way back home, almost like a different car – it’s so smooth now! It actually feels a little bit more like a smooth 6-cylinder, instead of a raw 4-pot. I’ve certainly never known the car to run this well, so many thanks for your work. – Thomas

Nash and his team restored my 944 and I was totally pleased with what Louise, Bob Jacob and Nash did. This guy really knows his stuff and fixed things that I didn’t even know about – Alan B

Dear Nash. It was good to meet you and tour team yesterday and I must thank you for your thoroughness and honesty about the car.  – John

Just waned to say thank you for the service you did to my 944 turbo, it feels like a brand new car now, can’t believe how much of a difference you have made to my car thank you. – Dave H

Thanks for rebuilding my gearbox, gear changes are so precise and perfect now, amazing – Shotaro

Nash Hunter of Retro Restorer, dealing in almost entirely but not only porsche 944’s is one of the best in the field i believe, after a recent visit to his old garage (they’ve now moved), his team inspected my newly purchased 944s2, also giving it a clutch fluid and oil change whilst i waited.
I got a coffee from the lovely Mrs hunter, and she showed me around the old workshop.
The service i received was fast, friendly and accurate. What more could you ask for.
It was at that point i had realised, i had just found the one and only garage i would in the future be dealing with for my 944. –
Jase B

Top service from Nash and his team recently on my S2.

Went in for some paint, mechanical work, short-shifter fitment and MOT prep which was all done to an excellent standard and came out less than I expected.

Initially went in with a suspected clutch issue but an endoscope inspection confirmed all was OK – appreciate the honesty here as others could have charged 6+ hours of labour for the same diagnosis.

Will 100% use again especially for the few awkward bits that can’t be done under axle-stands at home. – Gavin B

Exceptional, that is how I would describe the new paint on my car after receiving a full body restoration from retro restorer. amazing – Terry T

I have been coming to Retro Restorer for the last 6 years, always get the best service, attentive and really cares about my car. A clear love and passion for 944s in this place which is clearly keeping a lot of 944s on the road with quality service, good honest pricing. Looking forward to the next 6 years of visiting. – Barry C

Since you replaced my sills, wing and did the full respray on my 944 cabriolet all I do is stare at my car, i can’t believe it’s the same car and i can’t believe it’s my car. The work you did is amazing, I can now be proud of it and take it to all the shows. thank you so much. – Stewart H