Built for the TV show Goblin Works Garage this car started as a Porsche 944 Turbo insurance write-off car. The design spec was to create a homage to the 924 Carrera GTP Le Mans cars but with a twist.

Some of the most difficult parts of the build was the off the shelve body kit supplied. It is a fibreglass kit and not a straight fit at all. Coupled with that, we had never done this sort of custom build before and have a very tight deadline of just over 3 weeks to turn this car into their vision.

We have to tub the rear arches for the proposed new larger wheels, update the engine, change the suspension to coil overs all round, update the brakes and ultimately make the car wider and on such a deadline we had to think on our feet especially since we have not had experience of this sort of build before. Here is a gallery of some of the work carried out.

Once we had done what we needed to the car was then back off to the studio for the TV presenters to work some more Goblin magic on the car. The next time we saw it, the car was sporting a new exterior look. The car performed very well on track saving 12 seconds a lap compared with a standard 944 Turbo so I was happy with that. Now she will be a continuous project for us over the coming years in order to realise the full potential of this car.

Since having the car fully in our possession we have taken more metal work out of the rear arches and lowered the car, added a launch control system, screamer pipe and a few other extras.