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Not everything we do is body work, a very large proportion of the work we do is servicing and mechanical repairs to 944s, 924s, 968, and the odd 928. 🙂

This lovely example was in recently for the following:

  • Full major Service
  • Replacement water pump
  • Replacement radiator


This car is incredibly well looked after as you can see from the pictures and doing a major service with the luxury of having the radiator out ready for replacement is nice, makes access easier.


Nothing major to report on this one, all went as it should do but just a quick reminder to anyone out there that has a 944S or 944S2 or 968 and even a 928 24v, always check the chain tensioner pads, the yellow item in the picture below. It is important.


So all went back together, was bleed and out the door.

2016-08-29-11-45-29 2016-08-29-13-07-52-1

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