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I love classic cars of all sorts. It goes back to my childhood and helping my Dad fix up old Wolseleys, Rovers, Fords, triumphs and may more makes and models of cars. Ever since then I had the classic car bug! I have owned a considerable number of cars as well and there really is nothing better than taking them out for a drive and using them for the daily commute.

Back in 2005 (ish) I purchased my first Porsche 944; a 1983 Lux in white, and fell in love with it. I still own that car to this day and use it regularly. It was this car that started my passion for working on them and restoring them to their former glory. After many years of fixing restoring and painstakingly restoring them, I decided to get myself a garage of my own and everything I needed to start working on more on these cars.

Now I not only collect but, also buy, restore and sell the iconic Porsche 944 besides all the repair and restoration services I offer. All of which is done in house with our own facilities, the only thing we do not do in-house is interiors.

The aim of this site is not only to sell ourselves and out services but to promote the fantastic Transaxle Porsche, the 944 along with the 924, 968 and 928.

I hope you enjoy the site and welcome any comments and am happy to provide advice for you and your Porsche 944.

Thanks to all the support from our clients and friends, we have continued to expand the services we can offer, out facilities and we could not have done this without you. We provide every service for your 944 with the exception of interiors.






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