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Lovely in White

We do not work on enough white 944s, they are simply stunning in white with the contrasting black trim items. So, we shall begin. We received this 944 in for sills, other areas of welding and a full repaint. First [...]

March 27, 2018 944, 944 wing bottoms, Classic Car, Classic car Restoration, paint, Porsche 944 repairs, Porsche 944 respray, Porsche 944 rust, Porsche 944 Service, Porsche 944 Sills, Porsche 944 Waxoyl, respray, Restoration, Rust

Spray Booth – and other improvements

Most of you know we do paint and use the booth that next door have but the finally time came to bite the bullet and get our own. for 3 main reasons. To improve our efficiency. Massively improve our turn round time [...]

July 7, 2017 Classic Car, Classic car Restoration, paint, respray, Restoration

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