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We do not work on enough white 944s, they are simply stunning in white with the contrasting black trim items.

So, we shall begin. We received this 944 in for sills, other areas of welding and a full repaint. First step as always is to inspect the fully body and its rust issues…. there where a few areas on this one.

So out comes to the plasma cutter and fabrication tools so we can get stuck into turning this 944 from rusty to beautiful.

All out metal work is fabricated in house and to the car we have on the ramp, so as you can see from above these are ‘work in progress’ shots to give an honest look at what we do. Now on to the shots of paint, reassembly and finished car.

Once she is reassembled she went through our testing and phase which includes all the electronics, gaps, waxoyl etc.

Now the exterior of the car all looks beautiful and fresh i still like putting a little nod to the cars past so I tend to retain and refer the original Porsche crest as below. Of course if you want a new one, you can have one but I like the old.

Now she is done, and released to the owner and a few days later we received a call from the owner saying ‘i am vey picky with the paint on my cars so i have been all over this one and I can’t find a single fault, she’s looks stunning and I can’t get over the finish. I am over the moon”

The next phase for the car will be a wheel refurbishment and just continued love and enjoyment for the car.

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  1. David May 25, 2018 at 3:14 pm

    This looks fantastic. I have a white 1986 944 that’s been sitting under a cover for two years since an MoT fail. It looks like it’s in almost exactly the same condition as this one was at the start. Out of interest, what was the ballpark cost for the work on the one shown?

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