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  • Porsche 944S

    In for restoration was this 944S. Lovely car and a great base for a restoration. I sadly don’t have too many pictures of the car during the work (due to a technical IT issue) but here

  • Lovely in White

    We do not work on enough white 944s, they are simply stunning in white with the contrasting black trim items. So, we shall begin. We received this 944 in for sills, other areas of welding

  • Porsche 944 S2

    Yep, you got it, another S2 and she’s in for sills, rust, LSD and some more bits and bobs. So off the sills come to have a good look at whats happening in there, a

  • Porsche 944S2

    Lovely 944 S2 arrived at the shop for some restoration work namely the following: interior Sills Wing bottoms Rear quarters Removal of old alarm and replacement with a nice new one full service lines wheel

  • Spray Booth – and other improvements

    Most of you know we do paint and use the booth that next door have but the finally time came to bite the bullet and get our own. for 3 main reasons. To improve our efficiency.

  • Lovely Red 944

    Had this car arrived on a trailer, no gearbox in and no seats and a few other items missing from the car. The primary reason for her to come is was the sills but after

  • Porsche 944 Turbo repaint + More.

    Had a lovely 944 Turbo arrive, for a few bits and bobs. She is a well cared for car and a credit to the owner. She arrived for the following. Sills Wing Bottoms Repaint Head

  • BMW 3 Series Tourer

    Normally as I am sure you know by now we only work on 924, 944, 968 and 928s. But there is the odd time when we can make an exception. a long standing client has a

  • Porsche 944S2 crash damaged

    Received this 944S2 in from a client after it had a bin lorry reverse into the side of it. As you can see from the below pictures she was not in a good way and

  • 944 S2 Service

    Not everything we do is body work, a very large proportion of the work we do is servicing and mechanical repairs to 944s, 924s, 968, and the odd 928. 🙂 This lovely example was in

Porsche 924S Le Mans

Here we get to see some lovely 944s and 924s and quite a few special editions, this one is the 924S Le Mans edition. A Lovely car with a distinct appearance with its special edition colouring. She arrange for the [...]

November 17, 2016 Uncategorized

Rusty and crusty but all good now

Received this 944 in from a client up north, the car on the outside looks ok but then the 944 can be good at hiding its rust, so we go stuck in. We found this are was much worse that [...]

November 15, 2016 944, 944 wing bottoms, Porsche 944, Porsche 944 repairs, Porsche 944 rust, Porsche 944 Service, Porsche 944 Sills

1977 Porsche 924

Received this lovely early 924 in for a repaint, sunroof delete, engine work, suspension refurbishment and may other things. Very special car with it rare colour as well. More details and pictures coming soon but for now, here are a [...]

October 17, 2016 924, Porsche 924, Porsche 924 Respray, Porsche 924 Sunroof Delete, Rust

Porsche 924 Turbo for respray

Received a car in over the weekend from our Friends at the Porsche 924 Owners Club. Its a lovely 924 Turbo requiring a full respray. As you can see from the pictures time has not been kind to this ones [...]

October 16, 2016 924, Porsche 924, Porsche 924 Respray, Porsche 924 Turbo, respray, Rust, Turbo

Expansion 2016

Sorry we have not updated the website for a while now, we have had a lot in and coupled with our recent expansion we just have not found the time. I will be catching up with the site with more [...]

July 16, 2016 Uncategorized

Early Porsche 944 – Service and other bits.

Received this interesting looking early (1982) 944 in for service and a couple of other faults including no handbrake, no heater, wheel bearings etc…. Nothing major, we like doing services. Replace Belts Replace Tensioner rollers and idle rollers Replace Water [...]

February 5, 2016 #Porsche944, 944, Porsche 944, Porsche 944 2.5 8V Engine, Porsche 944 Engine, Porsche 944 modified, Porsche 944 repairs, Porsche 944 Service, Service

NEC Classic Motor Show 2015

This year we finally managed to show one of our car at the NEC Classic Motor show 2015 thanks to the Porsche 924 Owners Club and allowing us some space on the stand. I am hoping to have the special [...]

November 30, 2015 #Porsche944, 928, 944, Porsche 924, porsche 928, Porsche 944, porsche928

Porsche 944 Cabriolet

Its the winter so we have a whole host of Porsche 944 Cabriolets arriving for winter work so they are looking their best for Spring 2016. One of the is this lovely Red one suffering from age related rust and [...]

November 29, 2015 #Porsche944, 944, 944 wing bottoms, Porsche 944, Porsche 944 repairs, Porsche 944 respray, Porsche 944 rust, Porsche 944 S2, Porsche 944 Waxoyl, Rust

Porsche 944 Wing Repairs

Wing corrosion is a common problem on a 944, and people have a few options, Replace wings Cut out metal, shape and weld in new metal (our preferred option) 🙂 Fibreglass repair panels……. not something we will do. So, on [...]

November 26, 2015 #Porsche944, 944 wing bottoms, Porsche 944, Porsche 944 repairs, Porsche 944 rust

Porsche 968 Sport

Customer popped in his nice Porsche 968 Sport for some rust work and an oil leak. The 968 just like the 944 is susceptible to rust on the sills, but with a 968 it is harder to get a feel [...]

November 13, 2015 Porsche968

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