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Porsche 944 S2

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Yep, you got it, another S2 and she’s in for sills, rust, LSD and some more bits and bobs.

So off the sills come to have a good look at whats happening in there, a camera can only show so much.

As sometimes happens, we find quite a number of other issues that need sorting such as a massive dent in the rear quarter panel that needs a large section cut out and fabricated then welded in but nothing we can not handle.

Good progress through this stage with lots of new metal going on the car. So it will next be preparing for paint.

As you can see, when every we do a respray the windscreen comes out, its the only way and give you a good change to remove a rust that might be starting around the screen frame. and honesty, I do love a new windscreen.

In the booth having her last panels removed before painting 🙂

out from paint and well into the refit now, still a lot of other work to get one with during this reassembly such as LSD install for example. The LSD will make a great difference to the driving of the car and as the customer reported back ‘the most fun I have had for a long time’ Now we fitting the LSD we where not happy with the shaft bearings so they where replaced as a precaution.

Next suspension upgrades; we went for bilstein stocks front and rear on this one because the customer was looking too stiffen her up a bit. so that what we did. Brake discs and pads where done at the same time along with some lines.

Now on to another things, we changed the fuel lines front to back on this one and noticed the rear carrier mount rubbers where not 100% and in keeping with the client wanting a stiffer feel we changed them for power flex ones, they are nice.

Host of other new items going on the car during refit. Normally we like to keep the car’s original front badge to keep some of the age of the car but in this case new was the only way to do. You will see we fitted an 0nly944 short shifter (fantastic things), new wheel nuts and a few other fun things.

Right, she is done and I am tasked with adding a few hundred miles on her before the client comes all the way down from Scotland…. not complaining about that.



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