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Received this 944S2 in from a client after it had a bin lorry reverse into the side of it. As you can see from the below pictures she was not in a good way and due to the impact she was not drivable.

2016-01-06-16-00-59 2016-01-06-16-01-12

2016-01-06-16-38-54 2016-01-06-16-39-07


The damage sadly was not limited to just the body, a good few mechanical parts had suffered and out first job was to investigate the full extent of the problems.

Video of the drive shaft 2016-01-06-19-12-53


So we now had a list after extensive measuring from corner to corner and component to component.

  • Rear quater panel (replace)
  • Drive shaft
  • Drivers door (replace)
  • Drivers side sill (replace)
  • both front wings (passenger side was damaged by the recovery company
  • Rear trailing arm and its mount points
  • Rear drive side wheel

While the car was in, it had a few other jobs taken car of such as rust around the windscreen, bonnet and complete front end repair, light clusters and a few other bits. The rear quarter and the sill was cut off and replaced.

We had concerns with colour matching so we ended up sending a part of the car away for a full paint match to be made. What we received back was perfect 🙂 so we could get started properly.


let the painting commence. 🙂 once painted we started to tackle the rebuild and the other mechanical repairs. As you can see in the right picture, the wheel is not straight yet.

2016-04-15-10-13-49 2016-04-15-10-14-25

Once we had completed the mechanical work, MOT and flat down/polish we were very happy with the results and privileged to be involved in the cars recovery to the roads.

2016-05-29-07-27-51 2016-05-29-07-27-31



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