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Porsche 944S2

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Lovely 944 S2 arrived at the shop for some restoration work namely the following:

  • interior
  • Sills
  • Wing bottoms
  • Rear quarters
  • Removal of old alarm and replacement with a nice new one
  • full service
  • lines
  • wheel refurbishment
  • new windscreen
  • may other things.

Right away you can see that someone has been at the sills before with the fact that the stone guard lines are all in black and not the correct body colour, and then we stop something interesting in the sill join line… well there nothing we can do from the outside so the first cuts begin. We then find out whats really going on.

And the answer is foam and rust. So we set about learning all of that out, reconstructing the inner sills and welding on the outers. Once this is done we set about the wing bottoms. We fabricate these repairs panels ourselves out of a good grade of metal. The rest of the rot is removed from the shell, welded up and sorted before she get her full paint prep.

Cant achieve a good paint finish without a good starting point, so all metal must be right before we can start and start we do.

The windscreen at this stage is removed as well. As you can see from the last pic every panel is repair, premiered and then guide coated to ensure there are no high or low stops. Once we are happy we mask her up again and get on with moving her to the booth. before this phase we also do the mechanical work.

Now back tot he paint.

Out of the booth and looking good. The long process of flatting and polishing now begins as long with the rebuild. Nothing here can be rushed at all, it takes as long as it takes to get the great finish we expect on the cars we paint. but anyway, reassembly 🙂

Refurbished wheels going on.

Now to the interior; this is all new leather, foam etc. The door cards have been covered in leather as well with some lovely finishing touches from the customer, the seat trim colour matches the exterior of the car along with the top of the cassette holder. Lovely.

After some shake downs she is have a few finishing touches (like wash and wax) before the customer collected and she is looking great.

And she’s done


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  1. Russell March 18, 2018 at 11:18 am

    A stunning job. Could I ask how much this restoration project cost?
    Thanks alot

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